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When the needle tip enters the epidural space and loss of resistance is detected, EpiZact triggers and automatically stops the forward progress of the needle, positioning the needle tip exactly in the epidural space.

EpiZact aims to add a margin of safety that has never existed before, reducing the chance of accidental dural puncture, improving patient satisfaction,
and delivering cost savings
for healthcare
          Key Benefits

Automatically stops the needle when loss of resistance is detected.
Improved patient safety and satisfaction by aiming to eliminate accidental dural puncture.

Significant cost savings by avoiding PDPH treatment expenses.

Suitable for lumbar, thoracic and cervical epidurals.
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                  aims to make the epidural procedure             DRAMATICALLY SAFER for patients.



EpiZact is easily incorporated into the epidural procedure. It does not disrupt existing flow.

Tactile Feedback


Retain tactile feel when advancing the needle. Have control over the procedure.

STOPS the Needle


Detects loss of resistance and stops the needle in the epidural space.

This device is not cleared by the FDA and is not yet available for sale.

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